Training and Support

There are a big variety of trainings and courses to attend if you want to improve your entrepreneurial skills and be ready to start a business.

The first thing for you to do is to research the different programs out there and then make a decision about what kind of support you need to be able to start your business successfully. A lot of organisations (link to organisations overview) have support programs and trainings to help aspiring entrepreneurs get started on their business.

Here are some of them:

Find others by going to the overview of ORGANISATIONS

looking to study entrepreneurship? 

Then there are several options to attend schools with special focus on entrepreneurship:

Akilah institute for women has an entrepreneurship program for young female aspiring entrepreneurs

University of Rwanda – College of Business and Economics has several entrepreneurship programs

Kepler University Rwanda: All students at Kepler University go through an entrepreneurship module, and they are currently developing an advanced entrepreneurship module, including access to finance.

Carnegie Mellon University offer master’s programs in Kigali, and as an integrated mart of their Master of Science in Information Technology, entrepreneurship and business skills are part of the curriculum.