There is a lot of information out there for young entrepreneurs in search for advice and guidelines in how to get started on their business.

The Doing Business Booklet (link to pdf) from Microjustice Rwanda and Spark provides all the information on basic legal matters each entrepreneur needs to know and arrange. Download the full booklet and get equipped to run a business that lives up to rules and regulations.

Business Development Centres

The Business Development Fund (BDF) runs business development centres in all 30 districts of Rwanda. Each BDF office offers different advisory services and helps clients develop a solid business plan. They provide trainings within different subjects and each centre has a computer lab, where anyone can access IT and internet facilities. You can always just want in to one of the centres and find the help you need. Find more information on the website

SME Portal

The government is also behind the SME Portal – an online platform to give you information about entrepreneurship and business development – among the advice on how to get started on your business. Rwanda Development Board’s SME guide is a helpful guidebook to find information all relevant institutions, companies, rules and regulations that you will need in your business ventures. Being a few years old, the guide is not 100% up to date, but the information is still very useful.

Government resources:

Entrepreneurship and private sector development is a high priority for the Government of Rwanda, and there are quite a lot of resources from entrepreneurs to draw on from government institutions.
Here are some of them.

Resources from organisations

From Idea to Action from the organisation IDEA For Africa is a useful guide for young entrepreneurs on how to get started on their business journey. (link to pdf)

International links: is an international website with stories, information and guidelines about just about everything an entrepreneur needs to know.