Mentorship and coaching

No entrepreneur can do everything alone, and mentorship and coaching are valuable ways to get an expert’s advise on your business and its different stages of development. Mentors and coaches are often entrepreneurs themselves with a lot of years of experience that they can pass on to you. There are several options for getting in contact with both local and international business coaches and mentors in and outside of Rwanda. An important first step is for you to determine what kind of support and advise you need the most; to strengthen your business concept, improve your marketing and sales, financial management etc. There is always a mentor with the expertise you need to grow your business.


Several support programs to entrepreneurs in Rwanda include business coaching by experienced local and international coaches.

Here are some of them:
  • • Inkomoko
  • • Educat
  • • BDf
  • • H2O
  • • These Numbers Have Faces

SBelow are some of the programs and initiatives that can provide you with a mentor to support you in growing yourbusiness:

  • Cherie Blaire Foundation (I have a contact here will get in contact to put them u pn website too)-
  • PSF – Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs (link to page) is a forum for young entrepreneurs in Rwanda. Their services include peer-mentorship and networking, enabling young entrepreneurs to grow their business.
  • Support programs with mentorship included
  • Business development Centre Rwanda
  • kLab – co-working space for tech-entrepreneurs, also offering mentorship
  • Spring
  • Inkomoko
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